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10 Best Personalized & Practical Gifts That Will Impress (2023)

10 Best Personalized & Practical Gifts That Will Impress (2023)

As the holiday season is fast approaching, are you looking for some unique and personalized gift ideas for that one special person you know is hard to shop for?

You may be shopping for that one picky person or the person who already seems to have everything. 

However, giving gifts that can be personalized – whether it is with their initials or a message – can melt the hearts of even the most hard-to-please giftees. 

You can get them a gift that acknowledges their hobbies and interests, and best of all, you can customize it in any which way, like with a name or initials. This makes it unique, personal and exclusive. 

Your thoughtfulness shows how meaningful your friendship or relationship is. It's the kind of sentimental gift that nobody can ever replicate on this earth.

With that said, we’ve curated and compiled the best personalized gifts that are both trendy and timeless below.

Let's take a look.

The Top 10 Best Personalized and Practical Gifts

Offering a variety of customized accessories and highly practical items, presented below, are the best gifts that will leave a lasting impression:

1. Desk Calendar With Personal Photos

Desk calendar with personal photos

  • Shop at: Artifact Uprising
  • Price: Starting at $59.00
  • Why this is amazing: You can customize fonts and their favorite photos for each month of the year!
  • Why you should gift this: How cool is it that you can give somebody this desk calendar, where they can see their favorite photos of their trips, friends, kids or family in front of them every day. Talk about bringing them joy!

2. Charcuterie Boards and Family Recipe Cutting Board

Everyone needs a beautiful cutting board or a meat and cheese board, so why not take this opportunity and engrave something special on it!

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

Charcuterie and cheese swivel board

  • Shop at: Uncommon Goods
  • Price: $56.00-$86.00
  • Why this is amazing: This unique charcuterie and cheese board that transforms from a simple triangle into a tiered, multi-layer wheel, is not only functional at dinner parties or get-togethers, but you can also personalize this board with initials and a date from a special occasion, if you like.
  • Why you should gift: This swivel charcuterie and cheese board is practical, cute and perfect for those who love to entertain with style.

Family Recipe Cutting Board

Family recipe cutting board

  • Shop at: Etsy 
  • Price: $21.25
  • Why this is amazing: How cool is it that you can engrave a family-cherished or a favorite recipe on a cutting board? Say no more.
  • Why you should gift: This cutting board with recipe engraving options is such a memorable gift. You’re offering something useful while also honoring that special recipe of theirs.

3. Men's Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

Sometimes, a handkerchief can be a man’s best friend. See why below. 

Set of 3 Handkerchiefs in Assorted Color

Set of 3 Assorted Color Men's Handkerchiefs

  • Shop at: Linen Whites
  • Price: $34.95-$43.00
  • Why this is amazing: These men’s monogrammed handkerchiefs that come in classic and earthy striped colors are made in 100% fine soft cotton, hailing from Fehrlin, a Switzerland company. They are understated, elegant and versatile. 
  • Why you should gift: These men’s handkerchiefs make for a perfect stocking stuffer. They are high-quality, stylish, and best of all, practical and environmentally friendly; they can be used for everyday hygiene and cleanliness. If your gift recipient is crafty, the handkerchief can be turned into a pocket square for a suit or a shirt. So, why not monogram your dad’s, boyfriend’s, husband or a beloved one’s initials or name on it? 

Set of 3 Handkerchiefs in White Color

Set of 3 Assorted White Men's Handkerchiefs

  • Shop at: Linen Whites
  • Price: $43.00-$45.00
  • Why this is amazing: Much like the assorted color men’s handkerchiefs above, this set of monogrammed handkerchiefs in white color is also made in 100% fine soft cotton from Fehrlin. They possess simple, clean lines and an elegant design.
  • Why you should gift: If your gift recipient prefers something simpler, these handkerchiefs are perfect for every occasion from everyday use to special occasions.

4. Stationary 

Even if we write everything on our smartphones' notes apps or desktops these days, the tactile mind-to-hand writing experience on paper will never go out of fashion. It's even more special if you have your loved one's name engraved on it. 


Customized notebook

  • Shop at: Papier
  • Price: $32.00
  • Why this is amazing: Having your gift recipient's name engraved on a notebook just makes it that much more personal. Papier offers a variety of color block combinations for notebooks, as well as different patterns and designs, you can customize. 
  • Why you should gift: Having personalized names on notebooks can help inspire people to document any sentiments and tidbits in their notebook, effectively transforming it into a personal journal, if you will. This would make a neat gift, especially for writers.

Stationary Note Cards With Envelopes

Customized stationary note cards with envelopes

  • Shop at: Papier
  • Price: Starting at $66.00
  • Why this is amazing: These days, texts, DMs, Tik Tok videos rule the roost. Writing and mailing out handwritten cards or note cards requires more effort, creating that sense of intimacy that technology can never replace. Papier also offers a wide variety of styles, from modern, art déco, whimsical to more traditional design. 
  • Why you should gift: This personalized note card set is ideal for those who enjoy writing and sending handwritten notes. 


Customized notepad

  • Shop at: Etsy
  • Price: Starting at $15.45
  • Why this is amazing: This Etsy vendor offers sophisticated, elegant design and monogram styles for personalized notepads. It makes note-taking or list-making all that more fun.
  • Why you should gift: Everyone needs a notepad to write on for quick note-taking or random scribbles! 

5. Jewelry

Jewelry is always a girl’s best friend, especially when they are chic and can be personalized in so many ways.

Ivy Name Paperclip Chain Necklace Vermeil

Ivy name paperclip chain necklace vermeil

  • Shop at: Oak and Luna
  • Price: $145
  • Why this is amazing: This necklace, made up of the trendy chunky Cuban chain link with personalized name plates, is a statement in its own right. It also comes in various high-quality gold and silver options, with the necklaces made out of 18k gold vermeil, 14k solid gold, sterling silver and rose gold vermeil. 
  • Why you should gift: Not only is this necklace in vogue, but you can select 1 to 4 name plate inscriptions on a single necklace.

Zodiac Initials Necklace

Zodiac initials necklace

  • Shop at: J&CO 
  • Price: $44.20
  • Why this is amazing: It’s fun to add multi-layered charms to your necklaces, so why not check out J&CO who offers necklaces with intricately designed zodiac signs and initials that are displayed in miniature discs.
  • Why you should gift: It’s a fun, cute, dainty necklace any astrology fan would love.

6. Ladies’ Monogrammed Handkerchief With 1 Initial

  • Shop at: Linen Whites
  • Price: $19.95-$41.00
  • Why this is amazing: Linen Whites offers these exquisite monogrammed handkerchiefs made in 100% fine cotton and Irish linen. You can customize the crest, which is surrounded by peony, floral or rose embroidery decor, with 1 initial. The handkerchiefs also come with delicate cotton lace trims, such as scallop, floral and crochet lace. 
  • Why you should gift: Like the men's handkerchiefs, these make for a great stocking stuffer. With hygiene and cleanliness being a priority these days, why not add these beautiful, timeless, heirloom pieces to your loved one’s stocking stuffer? These handkerchiefs can be gifted for everyday use or to commemorate a special occasion, like a wedding.

7. Loungewear and Sleepwear

Loungewear and sleepwear are one of the most personal items a person can own and in which to relax. What's a better way to elevate the self-care experience than to engrave their names on them! 

Ultimate Luxury Plush Spa Robe

Ultimate luxury plush spa robe

  • Shop at: Luxury Spa Robes
  • Price: $120
  • Why this is amazing: This luxurious bathrobe is made of a blend of terry cloth and micro plush interior, which elevates the cozy factor to infinity. You can also monogram the robe with different classic or modern designs. 
  • Why you should gift: This bathrobe is perfect for the hardworking folks out there or anyone who loves to indulge in spa-like relaxation rituals at home.

Pajama Sets

KIP and Kate Kime pajama sets

  • Shop at: KIP and Kate Kime
  • Price: KIP | $190 /  Kate Kime | $127
  • Why they are amazing: On the other spectrum of lounge wear, KIP offers simple and modern designs for their pajamas. Their pajamas are made of Luxe Stretch Cotton, which is the stretchiest and softest fabric. This gift set offers complimentary monogram designs and silk scrunchies as part of the gift set.

    If your gift recipient prefers one-of-a-kind patterns and designs, check out Kate Kime. Their pajamas, made of 50% modal and 50% of cotton, are designed with prints and motifs tailored for any occasion, including city-themed ones! 
  • Why you should gift: These luxurious pajama sets are perfect gifts for those who take relaxation and self-care to the next level.

8. Tool Tote

Customized Carhartt Tool Bag

  • Shop at: Personalization Mall
  • Price: $87.99
  • Why this is amazing: A tool bag can be very personal to some people, so how cool is it that you can take it up a notch and personalize the handy bag with their names? And you can’t go wrong with a product by Carhartt. 
  • Why you should gift: Whether this tool bag is for a repairman or repairwoman or your everyday Mr. or Ms. Fix it, this practical, sturdy tool bag makes for a very thoughtful gift who enjoys organizing all their tools in their own tool bag.

9. Hand Personalized Money Clip

Customized  personalized money clip with wallet

  • Shop at: Etsy 
  • Price: Starting from $22.32
  • Why this is amazing: A nice watch, a nice fountain pen, a nice suit are one of the few staples to have in one’s life. So, of course you should also get your loved one a quality wallet with his or her name on it! 
  • Why you should gift: Everyone should own a quality wallet with a money clip in their life. So, why not gift someone with one, including their names or initials to boot?

    10. Decanters

    Wine Decanter

    Customized wine decanter

    • Shop at:  Etsy 
    • Price: Starting at $72.00
    • Why this is amazing: This elegant yet sleek wine decanter is made with high-quality crystal clear glass. It has a slender neck and wide base, making it efficient for the wine to settle and develop its full flavor profile. In addition to adding your name or initials, you can also personalize it with the shop’s designs or have the Etsy shop customize one for you.
    • Why you should gift: This wine decanter is perfect as a gift for newlyweds or a wine connoisseur. An individual’s wine preference is highly personalized, so what’s a better gift than an individualized wine decanter with their name on it?

    Whisky Decanter

    Customized whisky decanter set

    • Shop at: Swanky Badger 
    • Price: Starting at $69.98
    • Why this is amazing: Swanky Badger offers these well-made, heavy, lead-free whisky decanters and matching glasses that come in versatile engraving design options, including classic, vintage, heirloom to modern. 
    • Why you should gift: Similar to the wine decanter, this gift is perfect for anyone who is a whisky or scotch enthusiast, who would love to proudly display these unique sets in their liquor cabinet or on a bar cart.

    Stress No More and Plan for That Personalized Gift Now

    Stop running around trying to find the perfect gift. Stress no more. The perfect gift doesn’t exist – but personalized gifts are pretty near perfect. 

    There is no greater demonstration of love and affection than a gift that is specially made for someone. It leaves a lasting impression, it pays homage to their individuality, and it serves as a reminder of the profound connection we’ve cultivated with our loved ones. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

    Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired to start planning for that gift.

    Before you know it, with the blink of an eye, the holiday will already be here. Happy shopping!


    Bonnie Chung is a guest author, who is delighted to be writing for Linen Whites, on behalf of Owner and Founder, Alice Shih.