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How Linen Whites’ “Fresh Threads” Journal Is Relevant to You in the Age of Personalization

How Linen Whites’ “Fresh Threads” Journal Is Relevant to You in the Age of Personalization

It is with pleasure that I introduce to you “Fresh Threads,” a journal that will not only offer exclusive Linen Whites product and promotional news on personalized gifts related to wedding handkerchiefs, women’s and men's handkerchiefs for everyday use, but also practical guidance and information on all topics related to monogrammed linen goods, including best practices on how to choose various monogram fonts and styles; craft personal messages; incorporate monogrammed and embroidered linens in your everyday life; and make gift selections for your special occasions.  

Also, I hope to interweave some of my musings and reflections on topics near and dear to my heart, such as gratitude and health & wellness, sparking some joy and curiosity within you.

I know firsthand how monogrammed items can make a momentous occasion of a lifetime, such as a wedding, extra special.

According to The Knot’s 2023 Global Wedding Report, “couples are also finding new ways to highlight their individuality like incorporating pets (including custom attire and first looks) and including unique themes or unconventional ways to symbolize their commitment (including matching tattoos).”

Similar to numerous weddings that are increasingly personalized and nontraditional, I specialize in offering custom monogrammed handkerchiefs for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

My passion and goal is to always provide my customers with superior, everlasting pieces that honor and celebrate the essence of commitment, love, and the freedom to express your individuality and personal style. My wish is that the heirlooms become cherished relics and a tale to tell for countless lifetimes. 

I hope that this journal can delight you with ideas that can inspire you and with useful tips you can apply to your life.

How My Love for Fine & Customized Embroidery Items Began in My Father’s Shop

My father's fabric shop

My website and business have long been a labor of my love and adoration for delicate, beautiful and timeless fine embroidered linen products, especially monogrammed wedding handkerchiefs. 

My journey in the fine embroidery business began when I grew up in a family who worked in the textile business. In the late 1960’s, my father owned a boutique fabric shop, where he sold fine linen, wool and brocade silk fabrics — some with European lace trims — and offered tailor and seamstress services for making bespoke garments, suits and dresses.

With an appreciation for high-end goods, he meticulously vetted and sourced the finest fabrics from all over the world, mainly from Europe.

To this day, I still remember fondly of the giddy excitement my sister and I shared whenever we heard about the new lace and fabric arrival at my father’s shop. Our father always set aside enough fabrics for us so that our seamstress could make us new dresses. I have long admired the beauty of the French and Swiss lace ever since I was a little girl. I especially remember when my father personalized some of the men’s shirts with the customers’ initials, which made the product extra memorable and ethereal.

My father and my family have passed down to me their reverence for beauty, aesthetics and high-quality goods, which have permeated every facet of my existence today.

And it is my mission to also provide my customers with the same level of product quality and service excellence at Linen Whites.

I am filled with immense joy when I am given the opportunity to design and provide fine quality monogrammed handkerchiefs, especially personalized wedding handkerchiefs that allow couples and their loved ones to honor their unforgettable day. 

Why the Men’s Handkerchiefs Set Make for a Practical & Unique Gift for the Holiday

Men's handkerchiefs set

On that note, with the upcoming holiday season arriving fast upon us, I would like to take this moment to highlight our popular men’s handkerchiefs set. These fine cotton monogrammed men’s handkerchiefs make for such a unique Christmas gift (or as a stocking stuffer) and for practical everyday use. 

If you would like to order these, as a reminder, my order turnaround time is around 3 weeks, and shipping transit time takes typically 5 to 7 business days, excluding the ship date. Here’s more information on the general turnaround time.

Currently, Linen Whites is offering free shipping for orders totaling $75 or more. 

So, take a look and consider ordering now to avoid any delays. 

Lastly, if you would like to subscribe to “Fresh Threads,” please feel free to let me know by emailing me at

Thank you!

Yours truly,