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Happy Holidays: Why You’ve Made My Year Wonderful

Happy Holidays: Why You’ve Made My Year Wonderful
Christmas tree

I cannot believe we're well into the holiday season already! After going through all our experiences this year, we finally made it to this time of restoration.

It’s time to unwind and spend some time with our loved ones, including family, friends, our fur babies or even with ourselves.

It’s also the season of giving. And I hope everyone gets the chance to feel and spread kindness, compassion and love all around – whether this is in the form of gifts or acts of generosity, especially when it seems like this kind of sentiment is such a rare currency these days.

I want to personally send my appreciation and blessings from the bottom of my heart to those who have supported my boutique business in many ways, including patrons, community members and business partners. You all have made my job so much more enjoyable and gratifying.

I always feel honored to be able to play a part in commemorating your special occasions and moments by sharing with you my beautiful, personalized handkerchiefs.

Whichever holiday you choose to celebrate, I hope you have a cozy, loving, restorative and joy-filled holiday with your loved ones (and with your fur babies, of course).

Yours sincerely,