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Creative & Genuine Ways to Celebrate Your Superstar Mom on Mother's Day

Creative & Genuine Ways to Celebrate Your Superstar Mom on Mother's Day

The Origins of Mother's Day That Demonstrated Them as Almighty

(Image source: Popular Resistance’s website)

Did you know that the establishment of Mother’s Day in the United States originated in the 19th century because of the dedicated efforts of a few suffragettes and pacifists who fought tirelessly to advocate for women’s rights and equality in society?

Ann Reeves Jarvis and Julia Ward Howe, mothers and fierce trailblazers among many others, established communities where women could cultivate their talents, make meaningful contributions, and be recognized for their worth in society.

Jarvis’ daughter campaigned relentlessly for the recognition of a special day for mothers, especially hers, who fought for world peace. Her efforts eventually led to the establishment of Mother’s Day as a national holiday in 1914. 

Given the history, it’s no surprise that we want to honor our mothers, motherhood and their individuality on the second of May every year. 

Let's find out how below.

Honoring Your Mother Lioness in Authentic Ways

Mothers are strong, powerful and wise in more ways than one. Their love, support and care can also nurture the light inside of us, and help us become the best version of ourselves.

Among other occasions in our daily lives, this day is also a special opportunity for you to show her how much you appreciate and love her, all that she does, and honor her individuality.

Instead of buying her flowers, why don’t the two of you take a flower arrangement class or take a long nature stroll in a botanical garden? 

Instead of taking her out to dinner, why don’t you take a cooking class together? Or do wine-tasting together at a winery? Or go to a specialty museum?

Instead of buying her random gifts, why don't you go to a jewelry-making class so the two of you can create bespoke jewelry together? Or take a glass-blowing class together? Buy her an all-day spa gift certificate that allows her to pamper herself or, better yet, do a spa day together? Do a yoga sound bath together?

The ideas can be endless! And that's because each mother has her own interests and personality, and you can personalize the experience and the occasion if you really dig into your creativity!

Buying gifts is easy, but planning experience activities show effort, creativity and time investment. Most importantly, an activity allows you to spend time with your mother, which we all know is a rare currency these days. And thinking of her interests and well-being above all else truly shows you love her as a person as well.

Of course, there are some gifts that speak a thousand words.

You can also celebrate and commemorate your relationship with your mother by gifting her something that you made from your own hands, like a sweater you knitted or a painting you worked on.

But if you’re not crafty, you can always choose gifts that are high-quality, personalized and last a lifetime. We actually wrote a post on some of the best personalized gifts if you’d like more suggestions. 

Why Our Handkerchiefs Also Make the Cut for Memorable Gifts

You can also consider gifting our handkerchiefs to your mother. They are elegant and timeless handkerchiefs, with refined lace trims and delicate floral embroidery. Best of all, you can customize the handkerchiefs with her monogram initials or a personalized message. 

These high-quality, 100% cotton-made handkerchiefs are practical for everday use and make for the perfect heirlooms to remember you by. 

Another fun Mother’s Day gift idea is if you are recently engaged, you can give your mom a Mother of the Bride handkerchief with her initials and the date of your wedding. Perfect occasion to wipe her happy tears at your wedding!

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Bonnie Chung is a guest author, who is writing for Linen Whites, on behalf of Owner and Founder, Alice Shih.