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Meaningful & Memorable Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Meaningful & Memorable Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

With Father’s Day around the corner, you may start panicking or racking your brain trying to think of ways to celebrate father’s day that would be meaningful and fun for him and you.

Your dad may be a unique character who has peculiar tastes, personality, or perhaps someone who doesn’t indulge in celebrations. 

To make it worthwhile, consider doing activities he enjoys, which could stem from his hobby or interest. Find activities that are engaging and one that encourages building on your rapport. 

In the below, we’ll share a few ideas of fun activities and gifts that would make this special day a memory to cherish for years to come.

Before we dive in, let’s briefly discuss how interesting it is that the United States took so long to establish Father’s Day as a national holiday!

Why Father’s Day Didn’t Get Established Until the 1970s

Fun fact: Did you know that Father’s Day was first celebrated and established in our very own Washington state on June 19, 1910, because of campaigning efforts of a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane, Wash.? 

Dodd wanted to celebrate the devotion of fathers, like her father William Dodd, just like Mother’s Day.

Eventually, the holiday spread to other states. But it wasn’t until more than six decades later, in 1972 did Richard Nixon finally permanently establish Father’s Day as a holiday on the third Sunday of every June. 

According to, the recognition of Father’s Day took awhile to materialize because, as one florist stated, “fathers haven’t the same sentimental appeal that mothers have.” 

However, fatherhood is also special in its own right. 

Let’s explore how, and what you can do to celebrate and honor your father.

How to Make Father’s Day Memorable for a Lifetime to Come

Fathers demonstrate love, care and devotion through myriad ways, through acts of service, words of encouragement, or simply by showing up. 

They do their best to shepherd us through our journey in life.

Just like Mother’s Day, you can show your appreciation by spending valuable time with your father.

Instead of buying him random gifts, you can partake in activities together. The most important thing is to think of what he likes to do as his hobby or what his interests are, and turn that into a fun shared activity!

Below are a sample of some interesting and more general ideas that will hopefully inspire you:

  • Go to a specialty museum that caters to his interests
  • Take him to a woodworking class or venture out to a car show
  • Do an escape room together 
  • Take him to a local author book-signing or reading event
  • Create a scavenger hunt with gifts hidden for him
  • Do a family game night, whether it’s board games or video games
  • Do a whisky or beer tasting, or better yet, host one yourself at home!
  • Partake in sports together like golfing, fishing, hiking or canoeing (whatever outdoor recreational activities he likes)
  • Go to a concert together
  • Treat him to a sporting event
  • Garden together or help him out with yard work

If you want to add something special and tangible to the mix, you can always gift him something homemade. 

Or better yet, give him something customized that acknowledges his interests, hobbies or personality! This shows just how much you love him. We wrote a post that included customized gifts for men that may inspire you. 

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Why Father’s Day Should Be a Day of Relaxation and Fun

I get it. It’s easy to stress about planning an event around a special holiday because of all the pressure to make it special. But it doesn’t have to be.

The name of the game is personalization or also time spent together, which applies to a shared activity or gifts. 

The most important element is that you make a meaningful day for the both of you, whether it is simplistic or grandiose. If you get to spend time with your father, all the better, because as we all know, time is the most valuable commodity on this earth.

So, with that said, start brainstorming now and before you know it, a great idea will naturally come to you. And you’ll have a memorable day that both of you will cherish for the rest of your life.